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Download Kill Shot Bravo MOD APK Versi 1.4
Free Download Kill Shot Bravo MOD APK Versi 1.4. Selamat pagi para pengunjung setia Pada pagi hari ini saya akan membagikan Game Android yang bernama Kill Shot Bravo. Game inia adalah game yang melatih ketangkasan dalam mengatur strategi dan ketangkasan dalam menembak. Game ini sudah di MOD atau sudah di modifikasi terlebih dahulu, agar ketika memainkan game ini dapat support dan tidak mengalami gangguan, seperti nge-lag atau loading yang lama. Oh iya, Game ini adalah game online, Jadi silahkan sediakan kuota anda yang banyak agar tidak mengalami kendala ketika menjalankannya. Mungkin itu saja yang dapat saya sampaikan pada pagi ini. Untuk lebih lanjutnya silahkan download di bawah ini. Terimakasih

Description :

After achievement story of kill shot hothead games delivered kill shot bravo and this time they’re severe about their game. nicely i’m saying this because i’ve already played until stage 10 and i am quite positive builders are not money hungry at all. Kill shot is ready sniper and kill shot bravo is not just a sniper game there are different two modes in addition to sniper mode. Shotgun mode- This mode will remind you of cutting-edge combat five’s breach and clear mission. and the other mode is assault mode- you may be holding rifle within the automobile and car using will get you to the enemies shoot them that’s all. Kill Shot Bravo MOD APK 1.4 for unlimited ammo and no reload. One extra factor may be worth praising will be PVP MODE sure real time player vs participant will will let you shoot the other players on-line. jump in to the pvp mode you will be matched with the web the in shape you’ll be standing in the map and in other hand other participant could be looking for you. search enemy player earlier than he locate you and kill him. searching is kinda fun, the extra you are close to to the enemy the extra inexperienced unmarried could be excessive. whilst player is looking at you you may see glint at that facet,isnt its searching familiar to you? sure this concept is from battlefield multiplayer. talking approximately photographs, pix are awesome, level information are sharp and searching realistic. Unlocking special regions will will let you play in more moderen maps and need to face advanced enemies. creating wealth isn’t always that tough you will earn enough to improve your weapons and kill enemies without difficulty. There are bosses that wishes to be removed earlier than you unlock new vicinity. killing bosses offers larger rewards.gambling in PVP is really worth it if you are only searching out amusing due to the fact PVP matched doesn’t permit you to win rewards such as money or gold. recreation is offline you can play it more factor is wonderful that is bullet drop sluggish movement, you may freely pass camera 360 degree to enjoy the shot you have fired. developers has promised that new contents are coming it does imply that they will keep improving their sport.Kill shot bravo is a need to play in case you are seeking out a few action amusing. Sniper Fury from gameloft is coming in next 2 week let us see what gameloft has to provide in their first and handiest sniper recreation.

What’s New: v 1.4
OUR largest replace but
• New place 8 Maps – Infiltrate a hijacked orbital launch facility!
• 4 new weapons!
Get your PvP on!
• promotion demanding situations
• Flash occasions
• New Jungle Map – Val Verde
• scoffs
New Whiteout occasions are coming!
• New White Out Map
• New global Ops Missions
• New Bounties Missions
Our largest Alliance replace yet!
• Alliance logos
• Alliance improvements
• Alliance targets
New gear, Skins and Perks!
• Weapon Skins
• New equipment units
• CryoBullet Perk

What’s in the MOD:
unlimited Ammo

calls for Android: 4.0 and Up

model: 1.4

MODE: on-line

Screenshot :

Download Kill Shot Bravo MOD APK Versi 1.4

Download Kill Shot Bravo MOD APK Versi 1.4

Download Kill Shot Bravo MOD APK Versi 1.4

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